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For applications where pure simulation is not enough, EGSTON Power Electronics provides the power for your PHIL setup. Our galvanically isolated power amplifiers communicate to a variety of HIL real-time processors via a standardized optical fiber connection (SFP) assuring high speed communication.

Contact us for support along the planning and implementation process for the new PHIL setup in your lab.

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Go for Compiso

Advantages especially for this market


full project support including lab planning, installation, training and basic test cases built on the integrated HIL

Plug & Play

standardized optical fiber interface connects to nearly all relevant HIL solutions

HIL partners

OPAL-RT, Speedgoat, RTDS, NI, dSpace

COMPISO System Unit

Case Study

Technical University of Munich, Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems, CoSES Research Center Center for Combined Smart Energy Systems

Installed System: COMPISO System Unit CSU200-7GAMP4

This system serves research purposes in the CoSES Research Center. It contains a 200kVA transformer for galvanic isolation, a 4-Quadrand Active Frontend for bidirectional energy flow and seven groups of four COMPISO amplifiers (7GAMP4).

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