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AC Source & Load

Programmable four-quadrant AC source & load

four-quadrant AC solution

This programmable AC source & load solution based on the COMPISO System Unit covers a wide range of use cases, from programmable four-quadrant voltage and current sources or sinks to PLL-locked current sources and on to passive impedance emulation. Standardized high-bandwidth test solutions provided together with ad-hoc programmable scenarios are scalable up to 1.2MVA.

programmable, flexible & versatile


4Q operating area with adjustable voltage, current and power limits


preset standardized tests and API for custom waveform sequence generation


PLL mode for grid synchronization applications with wide frequency variations


variety of waveforms, harmonics, sub- and inter-harmonics to cover even most demanding scenarios


AC Source & Load

Made in Austria

Research & Development

EGSTON Power Electronics aims to develop products that consistently meet the highest expectations for quality, reliability and function. Our products are mounted in racks, yet we are not afraid to think outside the box, and we keep doing that throughout all phases of every single project to achieve total customer satisfaction. To this same end, we also maintain productive collaborations with internationally reputed research and education facilities.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, USA
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On-Site Service

Field Application and Training

Take advantage of our comprehensive after-sales service. Our on-site service team will be at hand for smooth installation and commissioning, complete with detailed hands-on training for your staff.