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Testing and emulating solutions for:

  • Grids

    Emulate grids to test charging stations against fault conditions.

  • Charging stations/battery packs

    Load individual U-I curves to emulate charge / discharge cycles.

  • Inverters

    Connect to AC and DC side simultaneously; recirculate power internally.

  • E-motors

    Run and test machines by applying required waveforms and fault conditions.

Go for Compiso

Advantages especially for this market



Use one single system to test a whole variety of EV components.



Reduce energy consumption when testing input and output stages of your hardware under test simultaneously by recirculating power


High Power

Test equipment at rated power up to 1.2 MW

Multi-Purpose Turnkey

Power Amplifiers

We provide the most versatile high-power PHIL test and emulation platforms currently on the market. Accessories like Digital Oscilloscope, Simulation Models and CABINET I/O Box can be found here.

egston power csu 200


The CSU200 is a galvanically isolated bidirectional 200kVA emulation and test system with either four or six independent four-quadrant power amplifiers.

egston power csu 100


The CSU100 is a galvanically isolated bidirectional 100kVA emulation and test system with either four or six independent four-quadrant power amplifiers.

COMPISO System Unit

Case Study

RTU Riga Technical University, Institute of industrial electronics and electrical engineering

Installed System: COMPISO System Unit CSU200-1GAMP4
prepared for later extension by a second group of four amplifiers

Example 1: test of a level one onboard charger in a Volkswagen e-Up car with COMPISO unit switched to single-phase mode.
Example 2: test of a new synchronous motor design featuring windings with an asymmetric phase shift

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