Academic Research

Testing and emulating solutions for:

  • AC, DC and hybrid micro-grid systems

  • DC nanogrid systems (DC Houses)

  • Photovoltaic Systems

  • Battery energy storage systems

  • Electric machines

Go for Compiso

Advantages especially for this market


Enables flexible and repeatable tests of power electronics systems in close-to-reality operating environments


Provides platform for determining the stability of complex microgrid systems and interactions of different subsystems within a microgrid

Safe & Robust

Enables safe evaluation of the system/device performance in edge operating conditions

COMPISO System Unit

Case Study

RTU Riga Technical University, Institute of industrial electronics and electrical engineering

Installed System: COMPISO System Unit CSU200-1GAMP4
prepared for later extension by a second group of four amplifiers

Example 1: test of a level one onboard charger in a Volkswagen e-Up car with COMPISO unit switched to single-phase mode.
Example 2: test of a new synchronous motor design featuring windings with an asymmetric phase shift

Daniel Skibicki


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