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Mission Statement

We are

Open, Flexible, Reliable

As a modern Austrian family-owned company, EGSTON POWER believes in respect and fairness, openness, loyalty and reliability. We strive for excellence to offer our customers nothing less than outstanding products and services.

close customer relations

Customer Focus

We maintain close customer relations through our international presence in Europe and Asia and aim at highest customer satisfaction in all our business activities. Efficient use of raw materials and energy, and environmentally friendly management of natural resources are an important part of our mission.

individual solutions

Innovative Capacity

We cultivate our innovation potential and our technological competency to provide our customers with superior products and cost-optimized individual solutions.

permanent improvement

Continuous Development by CIP and Lean Management

We believe in the permanent improvement of our expertise and all our management and manufacturing processes through ongoing training for our staff and intensive collaboration with customers, suppliers and external research facilities.