To test power electronic models in a real live environment with real voltages and currents a P‑HIL System is required. It simulates your model in real time and generates real voltages and currents with a power from kW up to MW and from DC up to 10kHz or more. EGSTON offers you the perfect solution for these test requirements.


A COMPISO sys­tem unit is a cus­tomer spe­cif­ic turn-key P‑HIL solu­tion built out of stan­dard block sets. It is con­nect­ed to a 50 or 60 Hz low volt­age sup­ply grid. Bidi­rec­tion­al grid con­vert­ers are avail­able from 50 kVA up to 1 MVA. A grid trans­former pro­vides gal­van­ic iso­la­tion. Groups of 3 to 6 COMPISO dig­i­tal ampli­fiers are con­nect­ed to the DC-BUS. Volt­age and cur­rent is mea­sured at every ampli­fi­er out­put ter­mi­nal.

All mea­sure­ments are avail­able in the HIL real-time proces­sor as inputs for the sim­u­la­tion mod­els. The ampli­fiers are rep­re­sent­ed as volt­age or cur­rent source in the HIL archi­tec­ture. The HIL dri­ves the ampli­fiers via high speed fibre optic link. The user can imple­ment its indi­vid­ual real-time mod­el in the HIL. To guar­an­tee a save oper­a­tion between the HIL and the ampli­fiers a high speed low laten­cy SFP Inter­face is pro­vid­ed.

The interface is supported by the HIL platforms:

• Nation­al Instru­ments

Addi­tion­al­ly ana­logue inputs and out­puts are pro­vid­ed to con­nect HILs that do not sup­port the high speed SFP inter­face.

System configurations:

  • CSU100-1GAMP4
  • CSU100-1GAMP6
  • CSU200-1GAMP4
  • CSU200-1GAMP6


• Renew­able ener­gy grid emu­la­tion
• House Emu­la­tion
• 12 pulse rec­ti­fi­er