Testing and emulating solutions for:

  • Grid emulation

    create high quality waveforms to emulate grids including fault conditions like HVRT, LVRT, frequency sweeps, islanding, etc

  • Dynamic sources/loads

    e.g. prosumers like family homes with PV installations and EV charger (4 Quadrant operation)

  • PV emulations

    with loads up to eight U-I curves to emulate MPPT under various conditions emulation of distributed energy resources (DER)

  • Battery storage emulation

  • Impedance Spectroscope

Go for Compiso

Advantages especially for this market


Reduce energy consumption when testing input and output stages of your hardware under test simultaneously by recirculating power

High-quality waveforms

Low THD together with high bandwidth allows emulation of high-quality waveforms and harmonics including sub-, inter- and super harmonics


Flexible system configurations support emulation of microgrids with up to 7 grid components simultaneously

COMPISO System Unit

Case Study

Technical University of Dortmund, ie³ Institute for Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics, Smart Grid Technology Lab

Installed System: COMPISO System Unit CSU200-2GAMP4
Three 35kVA single-phase isolating output transformers each equipped with CIO Boxes COMPISO Real Time Processor RTP , running the EGSTON AC-Source Application

Researching ambient conditions in varying and flexible Smart Grid configurations. The system has a 200kVA transformer for galvanic isolation, a 4-Quadrand Active Frontend for bidirectional energy flow and two groups of four COMPISO amplifiers (2GAMP4).

Daniel Skibicki


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